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  • “‘A Space for the Spiritual’: A Roundtable on Race, Gender, and Islam in the United States,” Moderated by Sylvia Chan-Malik, with Evelyn Alsultany, Su’ad Abdul Khabeer, and Maryam Kashani, Amerasia Journal, Volume 40, Issue 1, 2014: 17-33, Amerasia roundtable 2014.
  • “Arabs and Muslims in the Media after 9/11: Representational Strategies for a “Post-race” Era American Quarterly, Vol. 65, Iss. 1, March 2013, 161-169, Alsultany AQ 65.1 2013.
  • “Representations: Visual Arts: Television: United States of America,” Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures, Suad Joseph, Ed. Brill Online, 2012, 9 pages, EWIC Alsultany.
  • “Representations of Arabs and Muslims in Post-9/11 TV Dramas,” Arab and Muslim American Civil Rights and Identity: A Selection of Scholarly Writings from the Decade After 9/11, Washington, DC: ADC Research Institute, September 2011, 184-190, Alsultany ADC paper.
  • “Arab and Muslim Stereotypes Influence Thought, Policies,” Op-Ed, published in Press of Atlantic City, July 26, 2011, Alsultany Op-Ed AtlanticCity.
  • “The ‘Ground Zero’ Mosque Controversy and ‘Post Race’ Racism,” States of Devotion Blog, Inaugural Issue, Ann Pellegrini, Diana Taylor, and Marcial Godoy, eds., Hemispheric Institute, October 2010, Alsultany Ground Zero blog